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Our work: creating resilient government digital services

Our work makes it easier for government digital services to respond quickly and safely.

New Jersey Department of Labor Unemployment Insurance Modernization

By invitation from our partner, Nava PBC, we joined the NJ DOL Unemployment Insurance Modernization initiative to decrease the risk of launching modernized replacements for existing parts of a highly complex system – a system that has to continue to deliver critical services to constituents throughout the modernization process. Our work focuses on introducing capabilities to enable continuous delivery to make it possible to deliver small, incremental changes at a steady pace, rather than large, infrequent, risky releases.

Massachusetts Digital Service

As part of our ongoing collaboration with the Massachusetts Digital Service (MDS) team, we designed and implemented a software architecture program. As MDS prepared to scale up, their aim was to ensure that their expanding portfolio of digital projects continued making every interaction with the Massachusetts government simpler, faster, and more meaningful. By defining standards, the teams building digital services at MDS are able to create experiences that enhance public trust and satisfaction.

Together, we established a formal peer review process for major architectural decisions, creating a framework that documented these decisions and facilitated the sharing of the rationale behind them. We also worked to define and disseminate a set of architectural standards pertaining to DevOps, infrastructure-as-code, and automated testing. These standards provided a consistent, best-practice baseline for all new projects.

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