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Modernize complex digital public benefit programs without disrupting ongoing services

Large government applications are particularly complex

As the complexity of software increases, it becomes challenging and time consuming for teams to move quickly while delivering work that is safe and meets desired business outcomes. Large government applications are particularly prone to this complexity.

Chart demonstrating tests for a complex system

We manage this complexity by introducing and improving


Using automation to decrease manual work and improve delivery lead times

High performing teams

Building and evolving practices that create high performing teams

Quality measures

Introducing quality measures to improve product and engineering outcomes continuously

By doing this, we help teams move faster and deliver

Improved delivery lead times

From large, risky quarterly or monthly releases to smaller, less risky, and more frequent releases

Increased resilience

A secure, scalable, and reliable service creates confidence and skills to respond quickly to continuous change

Shorter feedback loops

When releases are frequent and less risky, it’s easier to get feedback and adapt as necessary

Lower cost of quality

Increased automation delivers higher quality work in less time

Higher productivity

Increased capacity to accomplish high-impact work by reducing repetitive and error-prone tasks

What we do and how we help

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